TransLattice Acquires StormDB

What technology does StormDB provide?
TransLattice is excited about the advanced database capabilities provided by StormDB. While the TransLattice Elastic Database is built atop PostgreSQL and Postgres-R, StormDB offers a horizontally scaling database using elements of Postgres-XC and proprietary enhancements. As a result of this acquisition, we expect both the management and database functionality of TED to be significantly enhanced.

What does this mean for the PostgreSQL community?
TransLattice sees enormous opportunity in combining the best of Postgres-R and Postgres-XC. Both TransLattice and StormDB have a history of contributing code to the community; TransLattice will continue to offer code contributions and support to Postgres-XC, Postgres-R and the greater PostgreSQL communities.

What are TransLattice's plans for the StormDB products?
This acquisition brings the best of PostgreSQL distributed systems under one roof. Stay tuned for more info!